Building & Pest Inspections

At Victorian Property Settlements we believe knowledge is power, which is why we always recommend purchasers opt for building inspections and pest inspections where possible.

Buying a house is a large investment, you don’t want to be stuck with a house that has major structural issues when you’ve paid market premiums.

For assistance in having your pest and building inspection report a condition of contract, call our office on 03 9783 0111


For Vendors/Sellers

When a Purchaser has made a formal offer to purchase and has requested the sale be subject to a satisfactory building & Pest inspection it is quite natural to feel like the purchaser isnt fully committing, however in most cases this is a sign the purchaser is genuine in their intent to purchase, and is willing to incurr expenses on the transaction.


For Purchasers/Buyers

It is important that when purchasing a property you undertake all relevant checks and enquires about the property, which should in most cases include a building & pest inspection.

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A building and pest inspection usually involves a qualified inspector attending the property and writing a detailed report. any issues they find will usually be detailed and include photographic evidence of the property at the time it was inspected. 

Things such as major structural defects and termite infestations are usually quite serious, and may limit your ability to get a loan or resell the property. 

For this reason it is important that you undertake an inspection prior to purchasing, or make the contract subject to a building and pest inspection


If you are considering having your contract made subject to a building or pest inspection you should always get speciic advice prior to entering into a contract, which you can do by contacting our office.