Subdivision & Consolidation


Property Subdivisions and consolidations are becoming increasingly common as the demand for property grows. Whether you be a large scale developer or simply diving your family home in to two blocks our office have the experience and expertise required in sub divisional matters. 

This also includes purchasers looking to purchase 'off the plan' and need property advice in relation to their proposed purchase. 

Whilst increasingly common, each matter is unique to the next. Parties need t be aware of council state and bankiong regulations in regards to sub divisional matters. For this reason we avoid any general advice and encourage you to contact our office for propery specific advice. 


Plan Lodgement

Our office is registered both with the Land Registry Office and with SPEARS for plan lodgement services both in paper and digital format. 

Plans cannot be lodged at Land Victoria without a Statement of Compliance. This is evidence that all of council’s requirements have been satisfied. A Statement of Compliance can be included either within the council certification on the plan or supplied on a separate form.

For SPEAR plans, the licensed surveyor and council’s documents will be submitted electronically through SPEAR. The Plan Lodgement Checklist, application form, consents, Certificate(s) of Title and any relevant owners corporation documentation should be lodged at Land Victoria.