Melbourne First Home Buyer Buddy Seminar

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Purchasing your first property is one of those milestones you’ll tell your grandchildren about, and the hard work it took to get there. But becoming a home owner isn’t always easy or straight forward.

Being educated can be the difference between realising your property dreams or the start of your nightmare. That’s why we’re proud to support First Home Buyer Buddy, a services that educates buyers and helps them to realise their property dreams.

David of our office recently attended one of First Home Buyer Buddy’s seminars that brings together a range of property experts providing end to end support.


After almost a decade of helping their clients buy and sell property all over Australia, Daniel & Lisa opened First Home Buyer Buddy to focus on helping first home buyers achieve the great Australian dream of buying their first home.

Combining their passion for real estate and education, they created the ‘First Home Buyer Buddy’, a simple 10 step online system designed to guide any first home buyer through the entire buying process, teaching you the skills and knowledge needed to confidently purchase your first home without the fear of getting ripped off or missing out.

First Home Buyer Buddy is a training and advocacy service that aims to get First Home Buyers into the property market sooner by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Together they place a strong emphasis on providing an affordable way for first home buyers to find and buy the right property, for the right price, whilst at the same time giving purchasers access to the best support throughout the entire process. This ensures you avoid the most common costly mistakes many first home buyers make.


For more information please visit First Home Buyer Buddy

First Home Buyers Masterclass Recap - First Home Buyer Buddy

There were so many takeaways from our Melbourne First Home Buyers Masterclass, so we just had to write them all down, get them out of our head, and share them with you. A-Z of Home Loans & Finance Bernard shared some amazing insights and debunked a few of the more common myths about buying your first home.

A Special Thanks too to other attendees who we look forward to working with in the future.

Bernard Desmond – Award-Winning Loan Market Mortgage Broker – helping you find and apply for the home loan that best suits you and your individual needs 

Mary Mase from ALI Group discussing the benefit and need for Loan Protection Insurance.

ALI Group– Loan protection Insurance – peace of mind to make sure you can always pay your mortgage

JLL – Building and pest inspections, so you don’t buy another person’s headache + Property valuations so you don’t overpay.

iBuildNew – Have access to wholesale home and land packages to help save you thousands of dollars.

Harp Interiors – Interior decoration made easy with E-Design. Helping you make a house a home.